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[Movie Review] Windstruck



The heart-warming romance story between Kyung-jin and Myung-woo. Even though he has passed away, he will be always with Kyung-jin forever.

Director: Kwak Jae-young

Writer: Kwak Jae-young

Main Stars:

Jun Ji-hyun as Yeo Kyung-jin

Jang Hyuk as  Go Myung-woo


WARNING: May contain spoilers.

This film is definitely one of those tearjerker movies. I was perfectly fine with the first half of the movie having romance and comedy and all. But then, Myung-woo died. He died! I didn’t have the slightest idea that his character would die. Yes, I did thought that the film would be quite tragic since in the beginning of the film, Kyung-jin was seen at the edge of a building ready to jump. But not this tragic! I was completely shocked seeing Myung-woo got shot. My jaw literally dropped at that scene. The scene when Kyung-jin put the gun in her head was really dramatic. Blaming herself of Myung-woo’s death and scenes of her attempting to suicide really gave me chills. In the near end of the film, when Kyung-jin was shot while trying to catch Chang-soo (the jail-breaker Kyung-jin was trying to catch before Myung-woo died), I really thought she would also die. I myself has a quite fascination with the main characters having to die as long it is necessary and gives justice to the movie. But I’m glad she didn’t. That would be too tragic and would be very disappointing. At the end of the film, I thought it was a prequel of My Sassy Girl. But I searched it on the internet and found out that it was not. Though it would’ve been nice if it was. The film is very tragic but it is a pretty good one and not a cliche. Ji-hyun is very cool with her police uniform and Jang Hyuk is also quite good-looking. The actors and actresses really did a good job on displaying the emotions to their character. Again, an amazing film by Kwak Jae-young.

Overall rating: 4.8/5


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