Bookish Thoughts

Life of a Bibliophile

Bibliophile (n.) – a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Often, people see bibliophiles as rich kids. But no. It is not entirely true. Indeed, there are some who’s really rich. But there are also bibliophiles who are not that rich.

Like me.

As a student, mahirap talaga ang makapag-ipon ng pera lalo na kung libro ang pinag-iipunan. Lalong mahirap sakin kasi hindi ako pinapayagan mag-ipon. That’s why my mom and I have a deal. Kapag mataas ang grades ko, bibilhan niya ‘ko. And fortunately, mataas naman kaya I was able to buy 34 books for five years. But syempre, hindi pa tapos ang listahan ko ng libro. Wala pa nga ‘yan sa kalahati ng mga gusto ko.

Mahirap din ang maging bibliophile. Why? Here are the some of my reasons:

  1. No money
  2. No enough space in bookshelf
  3. There’s no stock of the book in the Philippines
  4. Expensive even if the book is already in paperback
  5. If the book is not selling, they remove it from stores
  6. Others want to borrow your book(s)

Pero syempre, being a bibliophile has its own advantages. Only bibliophiles will understand this. Here are those:

  1. You can travel to many places at once
  2. You can meet a lot of people (fellow bibliophiles, I mean)
  3. Wide vocabulary
  4. You can be in another world just a second away
  5. Having a book boyfriend/girlfriend
  6. Scent of the book
  7. Satisfying feeling of turning the pages

Though people see bibliophiles as nerds now, I could really care less about it. When I read, I do not care anything about the reality. I’ll become so engrossed to what I’m reading. However, reading a lot to the extent of one has the tendency to not do homework and projects, is really wrong. One should learn to prioritize studies than reading fiction novels. Yes, reading is good. But one must have limitations.


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