The Bucket List

At dahil bored ako, I thought about posting the things I wanted to do with my life.

As of now, I want to:

  1. Go to a spoken poetry event
  2. Be a licensed psychologist
  3. Go to a bar without drinking any alcoholic beverages
  4. Meet and attend a book signing of every authors I love
  5. Have my own house
  6. Own all the books I want
  7. Have a small library at my home
  8. Own a Siberian husky and a Corgi
  9. Own all of my books’ merch
  10. Travel around Europe, Japan and South Korea
  11. Go to at least one concert of the bands I love
  12. Attend a classical music concert
  13. Watch Les Miserables, The Wicked, Miss Saigon, The Phantom of the Opera musical plays
  14. Learn the language of Italian and French
  15. Learn archery
  16. Witness spring,  fall, winter and autumn
  17. Learn how to ride a horse
  18. Go to a lantern festival
  19. Watch the sunrise and sunset
  20. Go stargazing
  21. See the northern lights
  22. See a solar eclipse
  23. Own a Ragdoll
  24. Learn how to play piano, violin and guitar
  25. Witness how directors make films
  26. Visit the Louvre Museum

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