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[Anime Review] 07 Ghost



Barsburg Empire’s Military Academy is known for training elites who bring victory to the empire. Students of the academy freely utilize an ability called “Zaiphon” to fight, while the types of Zaiphon usable depends on the nature of the soldier.

Teito Klein, a student at the academy, is one of the most promising soldiers produced. Although ridiculed by everyone for being a sklave (German for slave) with no memories of his past, he is befriended by a fellow student called Mikage. While preparing for the final exam, Teito uncovers a dark secret related to his past. When an attempt to assassinate Ayanami, a high-ranking official who killed his father, fails, Teito is locked away awaiting punishment.

Only wanting the best for Teito, Mikage helps him escape. Teito ends up at the 7th District Church where he is taken in by the bishops. It is here that Teito attempts to evade the grasp of Ayanami and the Military, so he can rediscover his memories and learn why he is the person that can change the fate of the world.

Episodes: 25

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Written by: Yuki Amemiya & Yukino Ichihara

Source: &

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead.

The anime was quite good as well as the graphics. I like how the characters were drawn since they emit somewhat kind of an aura (especially their eyes, it was beautiful lol). I also like the fictional world—the Barsburg Empire, Raggs Kingdom, Zaiphon, Mikhail, Raphael, Verloren especially The Seven Ghosts. I really like their abilities as well as the handsomeness of Frau, Castor and Labrador. I just love the three of them. At first, Teito irritated me for a bit because he felt really guilty because of Mikage’s death though it was not really his fault. I really like the anime but for me, the manga is better. The ending of the anime was really a cliff-hanger so I decided to read the manga. And I liked it more than the anime. The manga revealed the past of Teito, Ayanami as well as The Seven Ghosts that made it even much better. Especially the past of Castor which was really shocking for me. I also like that the holder of the Eye of Raphael was revealed because if they didn’t, it would’ve confused the readers. Near at the end of the manga, it was revealed that Ayanami was a relative of Teito and that Teito holds the Pandora’s Box in which Verloren was sealed which completely shocked me! Though I initially hated Ayanami because of his manipulating personality, I’ve come to like him because of his concern with the Black Hawks and accepting Teito. Though 07 Ghost releases some aura of Yaoi, I’m not really against it but it’s just that they were so good-looking that it’s a waste if they were homosexuals lol. I like the anime but indeed the manga really told me more about the story so I recommend the manga more than the anime (you can read the manga without watching the anime, really).

Overall rating: 4.4/5


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