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[Anime Review] Working



Due to his love for small, cute things, Souta Takanashi cannot turn childlike Popura Taneshima down when she recruits him to work for Wagnaria, a family restaurant located in Hokkaido. Takanashi takes particular joy in doting on the older Popura, which only fuels her complex over how young she looks. He also quickly learns he must stay on his toes once he meets the rest of his colleagues, including the katana-wielding floor chief Yachiyo Todoroki, the intimidating head chef Jun Satou, the dangerously well-informed and subtly sadistic sous chef Hiroomi Souma, the adamantly lazy manager Kyouko Shirafuji, and the waitress Mahiru Inami who has a “painful” fear of men.

Powered by an eccentric cast, Working!! is a unique workplace comedy that follows the never-dull happenings within the walls of Wagnaria as Takanashi and his co-workers’ quirky personalities combine to create non-stop antics, shenanigans, and hilarity.

Episodes: 13 (season 1), 13 (season 2), 13 (season 3)

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Written by:  Karino Takatsu

Source: &

This anime was really hilarious. The first time I’ve watched it was on the television. It was so funny that’s why I decided to finish watching it online. Each character was really weird and that made the show even funnier. I remember I was laughing almost throughout the series lol. Though there’s no steady plot, the show was so hilarious that I didn’t care. I love every character in this series; they were all weird but they were funny and kind-hearted at the same time.

Overall rating: 4.7/5


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