Poem #34: The Totality of You pt. 5

I didn’t have the chance to know who you are,

But all is well, as long as I can love you from afar.

Wanting to know your real name,

A fact that I am ashame.


I should respect your secrets.

And be contented with your deepness.

I should never find out anything about you.

For it can make me love you, more than I now do.


You are a risk I am not willing to take,

My heart will just surely end with an ache.

But don’t get me wrong, my love. You are worth it.

It’s just the game of love, makes me want to quit.


You are like a roller coaster ride,

Frighten at first, but at least I have tried.

But, I repeat. I am not willing to take a risk for you.

For you can shatter my already broken heart and take its pieces with you.





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