Poem #38: The Totality of You pt. 9

I plead the heavens for your return,

But maybe it’s time for our memories to get burn.

I plead every day and night,

Maybe you were just someone for me to write.


I stopped pleading and tried standing up on my own,

But I wouldn’t deny the countless nights where I would just stare on my phone.

Waiting for your message. . . or your calls. . . or you.

Anything. As long as it’s true.


But who was I kidding? I am just nothing.

I was just a girl who you left stunning.

I wonder if you have ever felt my presence.

I wonder if you ever knew my existence.


Please, don’t mind the sweet nothings that I say.

For all of them won’t make you come back. . . or stay.

Maybe you don’t like my personality. . . or me.

But I still love you and your whole totality.



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