Poem #39: The Totality of You pt. 10

As I begin to bury our memories in my mind,

You came back and once again I was intertwined.

I wonder if you had given me some potion.

For I am not used to this kind of emotion.


You were like a ghost that I’d like to keep on haunting me,

I won’t mind it, for being with you gives me so much glee.

You were like a rainbow that I always longed to see,

Broken, but your colors always light upon me.


I guess I’m in love with you,

But I know now that everything is through.

Even if we didn’t have a beginning.

And all I’ve done is sinning.


You are still my favorite sin.

I love how your words are carved into my skin.

I will never forget you, my love.

Even after I become one with the stars above.



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